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3D printing precautions (1)

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Many customers will choose 3D printing as the method of product production. What should we pay attention to in 3D printing? This article will discuss the considerations related to 3D printing. We are a professional 3d printing service providers committed to providing you with the most professional best 3d printing service.


It is essential to choose 3D printer modeling software that suits your printing needs and meets the characteristics of product development projects. Using adapted tools will help you save time and quickly create the best 3D printed models. It is the first and most critical step to start 3D printing.


Different 3D printing projects may require different materials. Generally, 3D printer materials are divided into two categories: metal and non-metal. Design and research personnel need to judge which 3D printing materials are more suitable for the order based on the specific project implementation and industry attributes. Make.


The hollow design can significantly reduce the weight of the product and the consumption of materials. On many 3D printing service platforms, we can often see an option to "empty" when selecting the print mode. By placing holes on your parts, you can hollow out the parts and remove all the powder in the object. Or some models do not need to be 100% filled for display purposes. It will help reduce the weight of the 3D printed model because it uses fewer materials, thereby reducing the cost of materials.


The above are some of the precautions for 3D printing. We will continue to update relevant industry news if you are interested in it. Don't hesitate to get in touch with us, and we will get back to you in time.





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