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New CNC investments 2sets DMG 5-Axis CNC machines

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Congratulations to us,we’ve invested 2 more advanced CNC machines DMG 5-Axis ,and due to the Covid-19 impacted on the import transportation from Germany they finally arrived in our factory in this August since we booked in last year. With these new machines allow us to enlarge our machining capacity ,and also with more these advanced precision machines allow us to meet more strict tolerance range of complex parts.

5 Axis CNC machining -1

Before these 2 DMG CNC machines we’ve already owned 9 sets 5-axis CNC machines,plus 45 sets of 3-/5-axis CNC machines. We’ve been enlarged the CNC capacity since the establishing in 2007 ,we invest the owned money into improve the production equipment.Our mission to serve better the clients.

Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machining is one new type of machining combining the utilization of the automation and computer control to allow precision machining process. The CNC machining solution is widely used for precision part no matter large nor small dimension,no matter plastics nor metals.

We’ve helped many companies create the unique metal parts and plastic prototypes,whatever the functional prototypes and end-use prototypes by using our precision CNC machining solutions. We won the high approbation from our customers during this 13-year-serving in the rapid prototyping industry.

The CNC 5-Axis machines in BOEN Prototype manufacturing are the latest CNC machine imported from Germany DMG company.

Our stable CNC machining capacity now in BOEN is 100,000++ parts for the prototype and low volume production. Welcome to come to us for a free quote and trial order,you will find we’re your good partner to handle your prototypes.





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