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Relieve the deformation of circle part

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Project: Circle part

Material: 1.7131

Surface treatment: Hardening+Tempering 47+3HRC, carburize, high polish

Size: 420*420*8mm

Thickness: 8mm

As it is known that steel part will deform at different degree after heat treatment therefore its precision and tolerance are hard to control.

The project we handled above was a little big circle in size but its thickness was a bit thin. The thin part would vibrate during machining, which would affect its tolerance and the heat treatment would make the condition worse.

The most challenge of the project was to relieve the deformation of the thin part and keep its parallel after the circle part was cut into 2 pieces.

The original hardness that customer requested was 60+5HRC. In order to reduce the deformation, our engineer suggested customer to decrease the hardness of part. After communication, the hardness 47+3HRC for part came into agreement.

1. CNC machining

After making all details clear and the order was placed, we Started to proceed the project.

We first made the part out by CNC machining according to 3D drawing. During the process, we made effort to avoid vibration as possible as we can.

CNC machining -- 6

2. Heat treatment

Then we had the part hardened by heat treatment. As we descended the hardness for the part and there was proficient machinist operating, the part barely deformed. The result was better than our expectation.

Heat treatment -- 6

3. Carburize

We carburized the part after heat treatment to have more hard surface. The part would have high carburization on the surface to have ability to resist erosion and friction after being carburized.

4. Grinding

Grinding was applied to the part to have refining surface to prepare for having high polish.

5. High polish

The part was high polished to reach the roughness that customer requested. After being high polished, the part would reach roughness Ra0.8 to have pretty smooth and glossy surface.

high polish -- 6

6. Cut the part into 2 pieces

Cut the part into 2 pieces after having all process as the requirement of customer.

7. Quality inspection

Inspect or check the quality of part before it was ready to ship. Our inspector inspect its size, tolerance and deformation strictly to guarantee it meets or exceed customer’s expectation.

8. Pack the part and ready to ship.

After inspection and issuing QC report, we delivered the part packed with soft and thick foam to prevent impact during transportation. 

We had a sense of achievement to accomplish the project and brought our customer satisfaction.

Please contact us or get your instant quot, if you would like to start your next project with us.

package for protection --6





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