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Aluminium Anodizing Services

The finishing ranges from simple deburr, polish and smooth to painting, silk printing, anodizing, sand blasting, heat treatment, black oxide, nitride coating,carburizing, PVD coating.

Aluminium Anodizing


Finishing Services

In addition to machining service, we also offer various surface finishing service to make your parts have perfect outlook as your requirement.

The finishing ranges from simple deburr, polish and smooth to painting,  silk printing, anodizing, sand blasting, heat treatment, black oxide, nitride coating,

 carburizing, PVD coating.

Please read below finishing methods to know more about them and find the one you want for your parts.

1. Painting

Painting can give excellent outlooking to your parts.

With dust-free spray room, we can provide almost all colors you wants for your custom products in glossy, matte or semi-glossy effect.

In order to avoid cracks on the part with glossy finishing, we think out of putting UV coating on it to solve the problem to achieve more perfect appearance.

2. Silk Printing

Custom silk printing logo can be provided on your parts. 

Various colored silk printing logo is available at low cost and in short time.

3. Anodizing

Anodizing for aluminium is the most common surface treatment to resist corruption.

There are natural anodizing with no color and colored anodizing in black, red, blue, yellow or other custom colors.

It can give  an excellent appearance to part.

4. Sand blasting

The function of sand blasting is giving the part certain cleaness and different roughness, improving its mechanical property.

Sand blasting can increase the attachment beteewn coating and workpiece.

5. Heat treatment

Heat treatment is usually applied to steel part, after which the parts will be hardened and more durable.

Quenching, tempering, normalizing also can be provided for steel part.

6. Black oxide

Being a treatment to prevent rust, black oxide is also usually for steel.

The finishing is suitable to the part that has no strict requirement for the appearance.

It is a good way to prevent corruption for It is simple and cost-saving.

7. Nitride coating

Nitride coating is a technology that nitrogen atoms are put into the surface of part under certain temperature.

The part with nitride coating will be characterized by being friction-resistance, corrosion-proof.

8. Carburizing

Carburizing is a process that penetrating carbon atom into the surface of steel part, giving high carbon coating to low carbon steel.

Then  after quenching and tempering in low temperature, the part will gain hard surface while keep tenacity and plasticity inside.

The carburizing part has hard surface and is durable and impact-resistance, usually being used in automobile, airplane, geer and so on.

9. PVD coating

PVD coating is always for die steel give it the protection to prevent erosion and increase durability.

It improves adhesiveness of coating the part, classified into TiC、TiCN、ZrN、CrN、MoS2、TiAlN、TiAlCN、TiN-AlN、CNx、DLC.






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