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Application of 3D printing in life(1)

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The actual application of 3D printing technology is pervasive, and your side may hide it. As a practitioner of SLS 3D Printing service China, we are very familiar with this technology in the 3D industry, but as an emerging technology, many people do not understand it. This article will introduce you to some things that we can do with 3D printing.

Copying biological models can be said to be the best and most common job in 3D printing. Whether it is artificial human organs or used to rescue wild animals, the manufacturing of biological organs requires very high precision. General rapid prototyping methods cannot meet such high-precision requirements, and the accuracy of 3D printing can meet this stringent requirement. 3D printing can print teeth and other bones to fill people's missing bones due to disease and injury. In some severe car accident survivors, we can see the gospel brought by 3D printing. You can also use this technology to rescue animals. Many animals that survived the guns of poachers will have missing limbs caused by shotguns. Many animal protection associations use 3D printing technology to add prosthetic limbs to these animals. This single-piece personalized manufacturing scene makes full use of the advantages of 3D printing.

I believe that shortly, the best 3d printing service will become civilians. By then, every household can print the parts it needs. But that requires a higher level of technical power and technology integration, but it is an inevitable trend in the development of 3D printing technology.

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