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Application of 3D printing in life (2)

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The previous article introduced the relevant applications and practices of 3D printing technology in the biological field. Our best online 3d printing services support more requirements for mass production. The application in the biological field mentioned above is an expensive customized service, and then we will talk about the topic of low cost.

3D printing technology has certain price advantages in mass production. Compared with traditional rapid prototyping technology, 3D printing does not require molds and does not generate a lot of waste. Casting processing methods require the production of suitable molds for processing, and the cost of molds is often remarkably high. Subtractive processing such as CNC will produce a lot of waste, which increases the cost and causes environmental pollution. 3D printing is a relatively environmentally friendly and low-cost molding technology, which can better reflect in the processing of complex parts. 3D printing of some highly complex parts can be quickly formed at one time, while CNC and casting require multiple processing or separate processing. These processing methods, such as multiple processing and separate processing, will increase the product's cost and destroy its integrity of the product. Therefore, 3D printing technology has incomparable advantages for producing complex parts. Before the advent of 3D printing, these projects were high-cost parts that major manufacturers had to face. And 3D printing technology solves the processing problems caused by these complex parts.

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