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CNC Precision Machining Company's Implementation Standards

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How to look at the technical level of a CNC machine tool, the most intuitive feedback is its processing efficiency and repeat positioning accuracy. Assuming that the repeat positioning accuracy of a machine tool can achieve the standard of 0.005mm, then this is a high-precision machine tool. However, if it achieves less than 0.005mm, it is an ultra-high precision machine tool. In addition to the system, the accuracy of the machine tool needs to be matched with the best screw and bearing.

In cnc precision machining companies, the dimensional accuracy and shape and position accuracy of typical parts are taken as an example to compare the level at home and abroad. The domestic level is roughly 0.008 ~ 0.010mm, while the international advanced level is 0.002 ~ 0.003mm. Although the development of my country's machine tool manufacturing industry has Ups and downs, but has been paying greater attention to CNC technology and CNC machine tools, and has strong market competitiveness. However, in terms of medium and high-end CNC machine tools, there is still a big gap with foreign advanced products and technology development, and most of them are in the technology tracking stage.

Ultra-precision machining currently refers to the size and position accuracy of 0.01 ~ 0.3μm, the shape and contour accuracy of 0.003 ~ 0.1μm, the surface roughness of steel parts Ra≤0.05μm, and copper parts Ra≤0.01μm. Domestically developed ultra-precision CNC lathes and CNC milling machines have been put into production. At present, it is necessary to develop ultra-precision grinders and ultra-precision compound processing machine tools in terms of varieties. At the same time, it is necessary to further improve the ultra-precision spindle unit, ultra-precision guide rail sub-unit, ultra-precision smooth drive system, ultra-precision contour control technology, and ultra-nano-resolution CNC system. Performance and speed up its engineering.

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