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Fumigation for PC prototype

Fumigation for PC prototype

PC is translucent material that is usually applied to aerospace, medical, automobile, electronic fields. Therefore PC prototype part is common and popular for its low cost and easy machining.


The process of PC part will be easy if there is no fumigation. But the machining will be difficult if the part need to be total transparent after fumigation, especially for complicated part.


The below PC parts were translucent after being machined out. There is no tight tolerance for these parts so the precision is not the biggest challenge.


What challenge we faced was having fumigation for the PC parts to have transparent effect without any scratches and dirty spot after smoothing.

The big cover and the little one in the above pictures were in simple structure and it was easy to smooth and fumigate.


However, the big bottom part was complex in structure and had a lot of deep grooves. It was relatively hard to smooth the inner side to have flexible surface.


If the part wasn’t be smoothed well, it would not be fumigated perfectly. In order to make the bottom best, our practiced worker smooth it patiently and carefully. But unfortunately, the part appeared crack during first fumigation. Crack was not allowed and it needed to have repair.


How the problem was solved was that our worker smooth the areas with cracks again particularly, after which the part was fumigated again to get total clarity.


Due to the structure, the part was repaired for several times to get the best effect with total transparent and without any cracks and scratches.

After inspection, there was no any question and deficit. We pack them with soft and thin plastic film to prevent dirty and scratches firstly. Then they were packed with thick foam and put into durable box. With package finished, we delivered it to customer.


Eventually, our customer thought he work pieces amazing and gave us high compliment. We were proud to provide good service to our customer and make them satisfied.


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