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Rapid Prototyping Sevice

BOEN’s custom rapid prototyping services are a fast and cost-effective solution to your unique need on your projects.

We combine our experience engineering capabilities and advanced technology to produce high-quality rapid prototyping solutions for prototypes and short production runs. By using a professional prototyping and manufacturing service in Boen our customers gain the ability to acquire the exact amount of parts they desire no matter what the final prototype it could be.You can learn more about our service such us rapid tooling which is also our main service.

What is Rapid Prototyping Manufacturing

Rapid Prototyping is typically a development process that involves multiple stages to meet the needs of developing a new product.

Rapid prototyping is a group of techniques used to quickly fabricate a scare model of a physical part or assembly using CAD data.


To rapidly prototype a product means to turn the expression from a conceptual design on an end-use ready model of PDF drawing into a 3D digital file,then feeding the digital data into a CNC machine program 3D printer to create a physical & tangible object with refine prototype before a final product is able to meet all necessary design and functionality requirements.Rapid prototyping is used in variety for industries like Automotive, Aerospace,Medical devices,Robotics,Consumer products.

Advantages of Rapid Prototyping

1. Rapid prototyping eliminates the wait time of outsourcing

2. Cost reduction without the need for the investment for a special tooling for each part

3. Lowe risk by enabling the detailed physical analysis at an early stage in the development program

4. Effective validation of design fit ,from and function

5. Grater design flexibility with the ability to run quickly through multiple design iterations

Why Choose Boen for Rapid Prototyping

At Boen ,we are a full service quality-oriented ISO9001:2015 certified manufacturing manufacturer serving thousands of customers with wide range of applications by our techniques and group services.


Thanks to our talented engineers and skilled workers work together to provide high quality custom rapid products.We make it easy as possible for you by offering a one-stop source for all custom rapid prototyping needs.

We bring your ideas to life in short-time.


If you’re ready please contact us to get a quote ,Start your project we will help with ordering parts,material recommendations, design feedback and provide professional reply to any your questions.

Our Rapid Prototyping Capabilities

At Boen, our rich experience and talented engineers help on the development of rapid prototyping products of the highest quality, we provide custom parts in efficient way and attractive pricing. Our Rapid prototyping technologies allow us to use a wide range of materials and finishes to meet your needs of each your custom prototype or low volume manufacturing parts for any applications.
                             1.ABS                                           1.Aluminium                                 
                             2.Polycarbonate(PC)                   2.Stainless steel
                             3.Nylon(PA)                                  3.Copper
                             4.POM(Delrin)                              4.Brass
                             5.Polypropylene (PP)                  5.PEEK
                             6.Acrylic(PMMA)                          6.Tool steel
                             7.Polyethylene (PE)                     7.Magnesium alloy
                             8.Ultum 1000( AMBER PEI )        8.Alloy steel
                             9.FR-4                                            9.Zinc
Surface Finishing


                            2.Silk Printing


                            4.Sand blasting

                            5.Black oxide

                            6.Nitride coating

                            7.PVD coating

                            8.Powder coating

                            9.Heat treatment





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