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Rapid Tooling Sevice

We provide rapid tooling service with making great tools for your low volume production especially for quantities at hundreds and thousands of parts,the main tool material we use for rapid tooling is aluminum and steel depending on the characters of the parts and the batch quantity. About the steel mold we usually said,the steel mold is harden and more durable and is suitable for larger volumes or injecting abrasive or corrosive plastics. It would  take long time to produce and more cost accordingly.

What’s Rapid Tooling

Rapid tooling (RT) is a tool that uses its specific shape to machining a product with a certain shape ,size and surface precision.It’s mainly used in mass production the production and manufacturing costs of molds are relatively high,however,due to mass production ,the cost of each product will be reduced greatly.


In order to meet the customer’s progress requirements,make the product size and surface to be a good consistency,accelerate the progress of product development and verification,the quantity withing 100-1000 sets can use rapid tooling to produce.

About the steel mold we usually said,it depends on the products’ dimension and structural complexity.It’s mainly made by steel material like NAK80,and no need heat-treatment but put into production directly.This material generally needs to do pre-hardening before using.

Benefit of Rapid Tooling

 Tooling components shall be standardized to the maximum extent.

Rapid tooling time is much shorter than a conventional tooling.

​​​​​​​ Allow to use actual production grades of material

​​​​​​​ Rapid tooling cost is much less than a conventional tooling

​​​​​​​ Prototypes produced in production material in shorter time-frames

​​​​​​​ Allow full fie and function for testing

​​​​​​​ Allow the modification on geometry an design when discover any design flaws on early stage due to low cost tooling

​​​​​​​ Rapid tooling is mainly used for specific small quantity needs including prototyping

​​​​​​​ It might be sued for troubleshooting existing problems

​​​​​​​ It facilitates the production of various products in a wider range of materials as well

How dose rapid tooling process?

Rapid tooling is known by many names including prototyping mold and soft tooling and prototype tooling. Rapid tooling is a process of creating a prototype in a short time.

Rapid tooling can fabricate variety parts for almost all applications in the material of plastics. According to the 3D and 2D files and required quantities to make the tooling .The raw plastic material is melted and then the liquid inserted into a mold tool where it cools and solidifies into the final part,when it cool it finished ,you can get the desired shape part to do the necessary treatment finishes.


However,the main challenge that usually is faced in the case of rapid tooling is the tool life.The tool life normally speaking is less than for a conventional toing while the tolerance happen to be much is wider than a conventional tooling.

Rapid Tooling FAQ

Q:What plastic can you use with rapid tooling?
A: There are many options of plastic to be used for rapid tooling including common silicone and rubber materials,almost any plastics can be used with the rapid tooling process.


Q:What is the steel mold?

A: About the rapid steel mold is a solution for low volume production. The mold designed to simplify the mold frame for saving time and cost.Some tooling can also share the same mold frame with others,but change the mold core as needed.


Q: Why should use rapid tooling?

A: Rapid tooling is one of the most affordable methods to fabricate large quantities of parts,especially for large production runs.

Designing and creating the tooling takes time,but after this partial finished the process becomes very affordable and efficient.





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