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Some cold knowledge of 3D printing

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3d printing essentially melts the thermoplastic, sprays out more delicate "threads" at the nozzle, and then sprays layer upwards by layer, layer by layer. In essence, 3d printing is just Combining layers of "planes" to make them three-dimensional. But this is only part of 3D printing.


To be precise, 3D printing is subdivided into FDM, SLA 3d printing, SLS, 3DP., and many other categories. However, the printing of each method is not the same. But the theory is the same.

3D printing can be said to be the general term for this technology, "rapid prototyping" can be said to be her "scientific name," and "additive manufacturing" can be understood as her professional term.


The materials that can be printed by 3D printing are mainly gypsum, nylon, abs plastic, pc, resin, metal, ceramics, etc. The raw materials used in 3D printing are all new materials developed specifically for 3D printing, not gypsum in the ordinary sense. , Plastics, resins, and raw materials generally have powder, silk, and liquid forms.


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