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Some information about the 3D printing industry

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Talk about the application of 3D printing technology in the industrial design process. It is very convenient to use 3D printing technology to print prototypes during the design process. Specifically, 3D printing can shorten the development cycle and reduce risks. When the product is composed of several components combined and the accuracy requirements are relatively high, 3D printing can significantly reduce the prototype production cycle and cost. The process of industrial design is also an iterative development process. The product that is finally presented to users is not achieved overnight but is the result of continuous iteration, optimization, and evaluation.

The development of 3D printing technology helps designers evaluate design concepts in the early design process, making it more convenient, faster, and more accurate. Different from traditional rapid prototyping technology, such as CNC machining, 3D printing is a technology that builds objects by stacking and adding materials instead of subtracting them, printing them layer by layer. There is no need to remove scraps, improve the utilization rate of materials, and reduce costs by abandoning the production line. The traditional CNC machining technology takes nearly a week to manufacture, and to manufacture the same components, 3D printing only takes a few hours. Second, it can achieve high precision and high complexity and manufacture complex parts that traditional methods cannot manufacture; the fast and efficient 3D printing can shorten the cycle of each concept iteration, and designers can have more Develop more iterations and improvement plans over time: the more iterations and the more complete the product, the better the product experience for consumers.

3D printing is not without its shortcomings, but the use of 3D printing to make early prototypes can effectively avoid these shortcomings: 3D printing does not have advantages in large-scale production, and early design prototypes do not need to be mass-produced; the limitations and bottlenecks of 3D printing are mainly reflected in materials, On the other hand, the printing materials are limited, and  the material requirements of the early prototype are not high.

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