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Some topics about 3D printing (2)

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Many people also have questions about the strength and quality of 3D printed products. We will introduce you to the materials of 3D printing products. Let you know more about the possibilities brought by 3D printing technology.

We all know the vacuum casting process and precision CNC machining very well. They are all good at processing metal products. They are occasionally used to process plastic products, but as far as the product is concerned, the effect does not reach the level of processed metal. At this time, people urgently need technology for processing materials other than metal. So 3D printing metal came into being.

Due to the unique nature of 3D printing technology, it can use a variety of materials. We can choose different materials according to the needs of the product—for example, ABS, PS, PLA, HIPS, PETG, PVA, etc. Different materials have large deviations in all-directional data, covering almost all kinds of applications in various industries. The controllable conditions of 3D printing materials include the following: ultimate strength, rigidity, durability, temperature range, thermal expansion coefficient, density, printing adaptability, processing temperature, construction surface, elasticity, impact resistance, UV resistance, water resistance, solubility, resistance Chemical corrosion, anti-fatigue aging, etc.

You can filter the materials according to the actual requirements of the product. There are almost no conditions that 3D printing technology cannot achieve. It is why we believe that 3D printing technology has unlimited possibilities. Many of the products in sci-fi movies can be restored by 3D printing technology.

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