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Unique advantages of 3D printing

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3D printing is essentially a stack of layers, the idea of additive manufacturing. Many technical methods borrow this thinking, ranging from architectural production to nanometer accumulation. However, mainstream 3D printing is mainly concentrated in the manufacturing industry, and the single manufacturing scale is usually in the millimeter to 10-meter manufacturing scale. Below we are talking about 3D printing methods at this scale.

Features of 3D printing

In terms of characteristics, the layer-by-layer method of 3D printing is highly flexible, highly customizable. It has very low sensitivity to the manufacturing difficulty of the shape of the part and the manufacturing cost. For some complex parts with many curved surfaces and are challenging to process, the advantages of 3D printing are apparent. For example, traditional processing often requires expensive machining centers with more than 5 axes to complete for the following types of geometric bodies. However, for 3D printing, this type of part is not significantly different from printing a wrench. At the same time, given this advantage, topology optimization is an essential direction of 3D printing design. Such parts can have reasonable strength and are incredibly lightweight.





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