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What Is CNC Rapid Prototyping Manufacturing?

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CNC rapid prototyping manufacturing is the integration of mechanical engineering, computer technology, numerical control technology, and material science. It can quickly and automatically materialize designs with mathematical geometric models into prototypes or parts with certain structures and functions.

CNC rapid prototyping

The way to use CNC rapid prototyping manufacturing technology to obtain parts is different from traditional material removal or material deformation methods. It is a technology that uses different methods to accumulate materials based on the principle of discrete/stacking under computer control and finally completes the forming and manufacturing of parts. From the perspective of forming, parts can be regarded as superimposed by points, lines or surfaces, that is, the geometric information of the points and surfaces is obtained discretely from the CAD model, and then combined with the forming process parameter information to control the material in a regular and precise manner. Point to surface, stack parts from surface to volume. From a manufacturing perspective, it generates three-dimensional geometric information of parts according to CAD modeling, transforms them into corresponding instructions and transmits them to the CNC system, and uses laser beams or other methods to stack materials layer by layer to form prototypes or parts, without the need for mold design and production links. Dadi has improved production efficiency, greatly reduced production costs, especially greatly shortened the production cycle, which is hailed as a revolution in the manufacturing industry.

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