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4 Steps Of Die Casting Processing

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The processing of aluminum die casting products is kept under a high-pressure environment, and the punching and cooling speed is very fast. The aluminum die casting part can be produced in just a few seconds. The products produced by this process are more accurate High, high surface finish, suitable for the production of precision parts with complex shapes and thin walls.

There are four main steps in aluminum die casting part processing, namely mold opening, die casting, post-processing, and inspection. Mold opening is the design and production of custom die casting molds, which need to be based on product specifications, materials, use environments, and mold materials. Taking a comprehensive consideration, it will test the strength of mold engineers and custom die casting mold processing technicians. Without rich experience, it will not work. Die casting is the process of using a die casting machine to inject molten metal into the mold and then push it out by the pushrod. There are many related factors in one step, such as mold temperature, pouring temperature, raw material quality, injection speed, cooling rate, etc.; post-processing includes multiple processing steps, and the purpose is to pass the die-casting blank through various treatments to improve the die-casting Corrosion resistance, wear-resistance and product metal texture, these processes include piercing, tapping, polishing, surface treatment, laser carving, UV, etc., but not all of these processes will be used, which needs to be carried out according to customer requirements Selection; full inspection is the quality inspection of aluminum die casting products by the quality inspector, including appearance, size, performance, etc.

An aluminum die casting product is roughly obtained through the above four steps. BOENcustom die casting company has rich die casting experience in aluminum alloy and zinc alloy die casting processing technology and has cultivated a team of engineers with more than ten years of experience. If you want custom die casting, welcome to BOEN!






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