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Rapid tooling for tail lamps

About this project of tail lights we should fabricate several parts, the bottom housing,reflector and the front housing part.


The parts fabricated in 2017,this project proceeded according to the 3D and 2D files sent from our clients.

The dimension of the finished-assembly light was 600×400×150mm,which was large .


We made this parts by rapid tooling.As mentioned the lamp should be fabricated in several parts, and our client need one batch with 200sets for testing in the market,but like this quantity was also good if fabricated by plastic injection molding but it will take long time at least 50days.But the client need the parts sooner to get in to trial market.


So our rapid tooling solution obviously was the best solution for this batch tail lights with short timing and better control the quality during the process.For the bottom housing proceeded with ABS like and the front parts fabricated with clear PMMA.


The bottom housing parts were with the material of ABS like painting.The front parts was the material high transparent acrylic with clear painting.


The client was happy about the received parts the quality and also save the timing and wined more time for the market.





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