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Quality Inspection

We take strictly ISO9001:2015 step to It is important to control the quality for your parts during every processing to make sure the parts as per your needs.

It’s very important step since we know every parts or project is very import one your new project innovation to put into the market,so every day counts important.

And we know there’s no error room for almost each project, especially the parts for aerospace components, automotive parts, robotic components and defense system prototypes.

We have a team with professional and experienced inspectors training officially.As your need it’s OK to issue QA report together with the balloon drawings.

To make sure each parts per the drawing we final-check all the parts before shipping by using the professional right testing devices.

Surface Roughness Test

We possess the surface roughness test device to help to test the roughness of parts to meet the request of our customers.


The device test the surface roughness of metal and plastic parts precisely to ensure their perfection.


CMM can measure the geometry and size of parts precisely and quickly to avoid unnecessary error.


It can improve quality and production efficiency. With the device we are able to provide better service.

Gloss testing device

To have an idea about the glossy level the parts meet we can use our glossy testing device to test the surface, you will get the detailed standard by showing the digital number.

Visual System

Visual system is also called projector with ability to deal with data of parts.

It can detect complex profile, shape of parts, input the data to form complete drawing.

The visual system can measure all dimension of part, take pictures and analyze data.





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