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Low Volume Production Services

Boen ,we’re the reliable partner with supper-fast and responsive service for your on-demand parts in rapid prototyping service.

We provide the low volume manufacturing service which is a fast manufacturing technique for low quantity production before the actual serial production begins. Rapid manufacturing is a perfect choice for small-batch order with 10,100 or 1000pcs among the methods we served are vacuum casting,CNC turning,plastic injection molding,sheet metal fabrication,aluminium extrusion.

What’s the Low Volume Manufacturing

Low volume manufacturing methods are typically faster which allows companies to get their product to the market quickly.Low volume or rapid prototyping manufacturing is a method that serves all industries to manufacture plastic parts with injection techniques.It can help to minimize the molding time to produce your products faster ,fulfil pre-mass production with real material.or produce end products at low quantities.Compared to conventional methods the molding cost are much lower

Advantages of Low Volume Manufacturing

1.Low Volume Manufacturing can save time and cost for your project due to lowering the tooling costs

2.Marketing can start before mass production that improve the cash flow

3.Low Volume production might reveal many hidden problems before the production starts

4.Communicate projects effectively because it helps customers to visualized

5.In case of low production quantity costs per unit might be higher than using conventional methods

6.Experience projects on a physical level very early buying time for production tooling to be finished

How to process Low Volume Manufacturing

Whether you need 1pc or several dozens or 1000parts to custom-made,we can fully work with you to be one-stop resourcing center for your low volume production needs. You just need send us your files both STEP and PDF with detailed dimension information & requirements and we will work to put together a production plan to meet your production deadlines.


Explore the multiple options for low volume manufacturing,For manufacturers efficiency is paramount,and it’s important to know which process makes the most sense for each part. you will see below with more guidance with a few manufacturing methods in Boen that are commonly used for low volume production .Or start a free quote from us and we will explain the best process and options based on the object’s attributes and will look at the best pricing.

Application of Low volume manufacturing





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