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Expert Die Casting Services

At Boen,We provide die casting service and we produce complex and high-quality metal parts .We’re dedicated to reducing your cost and improving you parts at the same time thanks to our extensive rich experience in die casting, and large capabilities.


We pride ourselves in using our experience and technology to produce castings with complex geometries and high requirements using a wide range of casting alloys.An our capacity CNC machining department uses the latest technology to machining features with close tight tolerances.Our capability and experience allows us to provide the best possible products and service to our partners.


What is Die Casting Services

Die casting is a metal manufacturing process to fabricate metal parts by molten the metal under high pressure into a die cavity.The process is best suited for speedy production of bulk metallic parts that require minimal post-production machining


One common application to the die casting parts are metal housings and thin-walled enclosures which often requiring many ribs and bosses on the interior. The metal housing from automobile components are also manufactured using die casting, including pistons, cylinder heads, and engine blocks, propellers, gears, bushings, pumps, and valves.


Die casting is a very effective manufacturing process to produce metal parts which have accurate dimensions and sharp definition in large quantities.


Advantages of Die Casting

1、Die casting is a efficient and economical process offering a broader range of shapes and components than any other manufacturing technique.

2、Parts have long service life and may be designed to complement the visual appeal of the surrounding part.

3、Excellent dimensional accuracy

4、Smooth cast surfaces

5、High-speed production

6、Thinner walls compared to sand and permanent mold casting.

7、Greatly reduces or eliminates secondary machining operations

8、Corrosion resistance in die casting alloys rate from good to high.

Disadvantages of Die Casting

The disadvantages of die casting is high cost investment including the mould and the reactive materials components and not applicable for high melting point metals and alloy.

Materials used for Die casting

1、Aluminium - it’s a common material used in die-casting,but it’s prone to crack or shrink at high temperature so it need mixed with copper or silicon.

2、Copper - it’s also a common material used in die casting.It’s often used to create plumbing and electrical material due to copper’s very high-resistance to corrosion.

3、Zinc - Zinc is a relatively easy process as it maintains high strength at room temperature it’s often used in hot-chamber casting due to the low melting point than aluminium.

4、Magnesium - it’s useful for die casting process that require thin structured walls and tight precision.

Applications of Die Casting





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