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The products using injection molding technology are around us, which nearly can be found everywhere.


The most common materials for injection molding are PP, ABS, PE, PS, PU, PA6, PC, POM, PEEK

Cost will play important role in prototyping. Materials you choose, machining time and your design of part will make great difference to the expense.


PC is translucent material that is usually applied to aerospace, medical, automobile, electronic fields. Therefore PC prototype part is common and popular for its low cost and easy machining.


Our customer would like to start the project with steel gear parts in tight tolerance and heat treatment and having TiN coating. In order to make TiN coating stick to the parts better, high polish was applied to them. The most difficult section is tight tolerance controlling.


In addition to prototyping parts with not so tight tolerance (0.05mm-0.1mm), we are capable to provide precise steel parts.






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