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Robotics Industry Prototyping

Robotics is an interdisciplinary research sector at the interface of computer science and engineering dedicated in a range of design,construction,and the use of mechanical robots.


With the advancement of science and the development of times, the robotics is aimed to design intelligent machines that could help and assist humans make day-to-day lives more convenient and keep everyone safe.


To offer a congrate grasp of robotics by refreshing different types of robots and how robots are being applied across industries and our daily lives.

To meet the rapid development of robotics we prototype manufacturing to assist bring the idea to reality in a short time with lowest cost to make sure the new product get into market faster.


Boen with advantages of quick response to the received 3D drawings offering the quotation and decide the good solution to create the custom parts in good quality done by CNC Milling,Die Casting,3D printing,strict tolerance and right material both metal and plastic with surface finishing powder coating, painting &anodizing.

Why Choose Us

ISO 9001:2015 
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we're working with brand companies help creating the unique prototypes in many industries including transportation industries,automotive&robotics, 
aerospace&defense, consumer&electronics,agriculture drone, medical device equipment components by our excellent prototyping service,CNC machining ,
vacuum casting,sheet metal fabrication ,3D printing and the surface treatment solution.

Common Robotics Prototyping Solutions

 CNC Machining

Boen is ISO9001:2015 certified manufacturer provides variety of prototyping solution service.

Our high quality CNC Machining rapid prototyping process is able to satisfy the needs of the growing robotics sector.

Using CNC milling solution to custom produce the robotic plastic parts and robotic metal parts. We create your custom robotics parts from your design. CNC machinery robotic parts like robotic gear,camera plastic housing,and other robotic component like aluminium robotic plate, battery case as robotic parts.

 Vacuum casting
Due to low cost and short time tooling making the vacuum casting (cast urethanes) is one perfect rapid prototyping service for quality low volume manufacturing. Vacuum casting is one common process using in robotic industry to cast the plastic robotic components.We’re the reliable custom manufacturer providing vacuum casting service for your robotic parts.
3D Printing
3D printing service help much on accelerating the innovation of the new development in robotic industry. SLS 3D printing and SLA 3D printing is efficient process to print the plastic parts for the robotic.The rapid prototyping of robotic devices ,sensors and actuators as robotic component.Prototyping robot-assisted medical devices and robot-assist fireman and relative AI application. SLS robotic plastic parts ans SLA resin robotic parts, combined with our surface finishing painting powder coating and plating to get a desired cosmetic robotic parts.
 Plastic Injection Molding​​​​​​​

Plastic injection molding is a fabrication process for low volume especially large volume production plastic parts in wide range of materials.

The plastic injection molding help industrial robotics also with competitive unit price and high quality. The robotic plastic parts with double or more separate parts where joined together it called as plastic over-molding process ,which can meet more cosmetic needs or more function. Send us a inquiry to custom made injection molded plastic robotic components and relative robotic parts.

The Robotics Industry Components we produced





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