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Transportation Industry Prototyping

BOEN Prototype Manufacturing is focusing on the best solutions in supporting new designs and products refresh to meet the Transportation industry rapidly evolving by providing a range of services that allow rapid product introduction, quick response timing to follow market conditions and a powerful supply chain offering many types of material for every application.


With the rich experience helping innovative companies OEM manufacture both metal and plastic parts for automotive market to accelerate new product development and to make it to the market faster with saving cost & time,we've supplied the car bumper ,car lamps ,car doors ,central controller, car fender and steering wheel for variety of vehicles. OEM produce the parts based on your 3D files.


Send us the inquiry to reach out us ,our great team will give you the professional knowledge.

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we're working with brand companies help creating the unique prototypes in many industries including transportation industries,automotive&robotics, 
aerospace&defense, consumer&electronics,agriculture drone, medical device equipment components by our excellent prototyping service,CNC machining ,
vacuum casting,sheet metal fabrication ,3D printing and the surface treatment solution.

Transportation components manufacturing solutions

 CNC Machining

At Boen , we provide the custom CNC turning and CNC machining for the high precision transportation prototyping and truck components.

Our high quality CNC milled parts for transportation industries.Our capabilities CNC milling service can be used in light weight and recreational vehicle market. The CNC machining is an ideal prototyping process to produce the custom parts of electronic bicycle, electronic vehicles. Our partner’s products are part of solutions produced for the trucking and commercial industry.

 Sheet Metal Fabrication
Our capabilities of sheet metal prototyping is a ideal process to fabricate the vehicle metal steel and aluminium components. Our metal process solution is a main process to custom make the transport vehicles metal components. Due to no tooling and short-run the metal press prototyping help too much on the transport vehicle development. Send us an inquiry for the custom sheet metal vehicle prototypes.
 Die Casting

The rapid prototyping of die casting is often associated with large volume metal production for the prototypes of transportation and vehicles.

Prototyping of die casting is mainly used for transportation engine components prototypes and truck rotor prototypes. With the advantages of high precision and easy dealing with the surface with painting or anodizing for die casting prototyping, it widely used to fabricate the transportation vehicle parts.

 Reaction Injection Molding

Reaction injection molding service well in transportation vehicle plastic parts development. The RIM prototyping and low volume prototyping for the order quantity 1pc to 500pcs is a ideal prototyping method,especially in the large and lightweight plastic vehicle components.With RIM molding it’s OK to design the parts skin with polyurethane structural foam in a wide range of capabilities expand your product design possibilities that make you to make freedom design in large size or small size of transportation truck prototypes.

The Transportation Prototypes we produced





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