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About BOEN Rapid: Your Trusted Prototyping & Manufacturing Partner

BOEN Prototype is the specialist of prototypes and low volume production in plastic and metal materials. We work with the rich experienced engineers and introduce advanced equipment since the manufacturer founded in June 2007. Now BOEN is becoming one of leader professional prototype manufacturing companies in China. With a reputation for delivering excellence to the customers from all over the world. BOEN covers the scale of 5000 square meters and has 200 skilled staffs. 

At BOEN , we provide the high-quality prototyping, rapid tooling and low volume manufacturing to support your product development in a variety range of industries. We has amassed a wealth of knowledge to assist your engineers and designers from a wide range of industries like automotive& robotics, medical devices&enclosure, aerospace&defense, 
consumer&electronics,agriculture. With the capacity of CNC machining, Rapid Injection Molding, Compression Molding, Metal Pressing ,Die Casting, Vacuum Casting, SLA (3D Printing) ,SLS (3D Printing), Design Mock-ups.Thanks to our knowledge of the materials and the integration of our production process, we are able to find right solutions for the most complex question.

At BOEN , every customer is important to us! We pride ourselves on providing fast turn-around times and guarantee the quality of our work.