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Custom Sheet Metal Fabrication

BOEN’s custom sheet metal fabrication services are a fast and cost-effective solution to your unique need on your projects. Our sheet metal fabrication services using a full range of tools and technologies including bending,punching,cutting standard gauge metal for the range of prototype and low volume production,and can be used either in tandem or individually. Boen manufactures custom sheet metal parts,such as brackets,plates,frames arms,bus bars,fixtures and more with absolutely no minimum order.

What is Sheet Metal Prototyping

Sheet metal fabrication is a set of manufacturing processes used to turn sheet metal stock into functional parts.The sheet metal is usually between 0.1mm and 6mm thickness.


Sheet metal fabrication is the process to form the desired parts from a metal sheet.There are several processes that fall under sheet metal fabrication including cutting,bending, punching,forming,welding and shearing.


Sheet metal can be used to create either functional prototypes or end-use parts,but end-use sheet metal parts are always requiring a finishing process before to be ready for the market. Sheet metal fabrication produces durable and end-use parts with a wide selection of materials and finishes for a vast variety of industries like Automotive, Aerospace,Medical devices,Robotics,Consumer products

What is Sheet Metal Prototyping

1、Material selection  

Aluminium+ (AL 5052..),Copper,brass,steel,stainless steel+ (SUS304...) and zinc.


Sheet metal can be formed into many shapes.It creates a very durable surface for prototyping or end use.


Sheet metal is light,high-quality and efficient.It is also very affordable due to low setup costs mean low prices especially for large volumes.

4、Thickness options

Variety of gauges available.In general,it’s thin sheet metal is low in weight and gauge.


Sheet metal projects can be completed using modern technology.The sheet metal works very well with a punch press with accurate measurements.


Fast turnaround that the part delivered in just 4-10 days.

Sheet Metal Finishing Options

While choosing the right sheet metal will make all the difference ,adding a correct finish to your sheet metal will help it perform better and last longer. Boen provides a variety of  surface finishing service.

Why Choose Boen for Sheet Metal Parts

At Boen ,we are a full service quality-oriented ISO9001:2015 certified manufacturing manufacturer serving thousands of customers with wide range of applications from precision sheet metal to heavy plate.


Thanks to our talented sheet metal engineers and skilled craftsmen works together to provide high quality custom metal products.We make it easy as possible for you by offering a one-stop source for custom,fully finished precision sheet metal parts choosing variety of materials,hardware,fasteners,and powder coat colors to fully finishing your custom sheet metal parts. Combined with our full surface finishing services of laser engraving,silkscreen and direct digital printing to provide complete sheet metal components all under one roof.


Start your project with us by call or e-mail us at any time and we will help with ordering parts,material recommendations, design feedback and provide professional reply to any your questions.





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