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Vacuum casting large car bumper

Here we’d like to share one example of front car bumper we made in 2016 by vacuum casting, the project at the beginning we didn’t receive the 3D files but we got the actual sample , so we made reverse engineering and made the 3D files submitted to our client for further confirmation.


To consider the afterwards assembly we suggested to make little modification before starting the fabrication,

Our client was happy with our suggestion.


Considering the completed whole piece with nice quality,we decided to make the bumper parts with our in-house excellent vacuum casting solution.


The important affect was low volume production with 5pcs.

So vacuum casting solution is the perfect way for this bumper parts with nice quality and inexpensive cost.


We made the master by our high precision CNC machining for casting parts.

The casting parts to deburr at the first step before surface finishing of painting.





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