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Plastic injection molding for Medical device

The example of medical device we showed here was one end-use device made by the services of plastic injection molding,vacuum casting ,silk screen and surface finishing of sandblasting.


As you can see we could produce the functional prototypes and also the end-use prototypes like this medical device. Since the batch was 400sets ,we should consider the production cost and save the timing for the clients so we decided to make it in plastic injection molding.


The end-use medical device prototypes with several parts like the button, the screen and the plastic housing.


Can you image how to make it to the reality ? Yes, as mentioned it including several parts for the button ,it was made of soft rubber to meet soft touch and made by vacuum casting ,to be with clear indication processed by silk screen.


The plastic housing was made by plastic injection molding due to batch quantity, to achieve good final surface finishing to do preprocessing of deburr and then to do sandblasting ,excellent final painting finishing.



We assembled each parts and to be packed by oil-absorbed paper and protective foam.





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