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Injection Molding Services

At Boen, we are capable to provide injection molding service with various plastic materials for you.With professional engineer, we can help to start up making mold and manufacture 100,000 to 1,000,000 products that meet your expectation.


Before bulk production, samples for 3 trials to are free. Please contact us to get a free quote if you plan your next project.

What is Injection Molding ?

Injection molding is a formative manufacturing technology which can be the most cost-saving method used in mass production.

It needs making steel mold with cavity (1 or 2 cavities) and then pour melt plastic in to the it.

The injection molding parts will be ejected after solidifying, after which the next run start.

Benefits of Injection Molding

Injection molding has great advantage in making large volume identical plastic parts. Below are the advantages for your reference.


 Most cost-saving technology for manufacturing large volume same plastic parts.

Low unit price

​​​​​​​ Wide range of materials can be used

​​​​​​​ High productivity

​​​​​​​ Great repeatability and tolerance

​​​​​​​ Nice appearance

Rules for Designing Injection Mold

The cost of starting up a mold and is relatively high so it is important to design it properly at the first time.

In order to make cost down and avoid some defects during production, we provide below useful design rules for injection mold.


1、Having even and smooth wall thickness for part

2、Add chamfer or round edge on transition areas

3、Add draft angle to prevent scratch

4、Using straight-pull mold

5、Apply different parts in same material to one mold

6、decrease the part volume by reducing the wall thickness

Materials for Injection Molding and surface Finishing

There are lots of thermoplastics can be materials for injection molding. Some of them can be mixed during injection to get new property.

Below are the most common materials for injection molding for reference.

Materials: ABS, PE, PP, POM, PU, PA, PC, PEEK

ABS: High hardness, low cost, general flexibility

PE: Low weight, good impact resistance

PP: Good flexibility and high strength

POM: Good flexibility and high strength, wear-proof

PU: High hardness and impact strength

PA: Good flexibility and high strength

PC: High hardness, high temperature resistance, can be color painted

PEEK: High Strength and hardness

SPI standard for surface Finishing

There is no need to add post process to injection molding parts for the mold can be customized to reach different degree of surface effect.
Please find the below different degree of effect of mold to choose your ideal one

A-1, A-2, A-3: High polished with diamond buff, mirror-like surface

B-1, B-2, B-3: Smoothed by grit paper, removing all tool and machining marks with good surface finishing.

C-1, C-2, C-3: Smoothed by grit stone, removing all tool and machining marks.

D-1, D-2, D-3: Smooth firstly by grit stone, then to have decorative finishing, such as dry blast glass bead.

The process of Injection Mold

Why Choose Us

As your partner,we assist your design and end-to-end solution for your manufacturing needs, manage your projects from the start to the finishing and monitor every-step from all aspects of process. It’s not just about building your part or product ; It’s about taking care of you at every step. We recognize each custom project has specific and often complicated requirements. By offering our as many service as possible under one roof ,we can help you keep costs down,minimize waiting times and eliminate any hassle.


The most important is that we can ensure your specifications are met from prototype and production. Thanks to our advanced equipment and skilled partners we can fully handle all technical aspects of creating your prototypes and products,so your team can focus on bringing your products to the market.


Our full-scale, ISO 9001:2015-certlaified highlights our ability to consistently quality custom machining services to every single project.In the meantime,we have built the close connection with some RP companies and groups domestic and overseas as well as model companies and conduct academic communications and share high technology achievements in order to keep the technical superiorities all the time.


Our facility and fully-equipped machines allow us to produce custom parts and pieces for all industries.We're able to OEM supply CNC machined parts from more than several dozens of engineering-grade plastics and metals. Contact our CNC Machining Services team to get a free quote and to discuss which machining process is the most efficient and suitable one for your project.





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