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Medical Device Industry Prototyping

More and more large brand companies turn to work with BOEN to assist design and development in medical devices,we supply powerfully the healthcare devices, a range of medical equipment and monitors and prosthetics by offering custom rapid prototyping no minimum order from one single prototype and low volume production services to meet the special needs in the medical industry.


We know every day counts when developing new products to quickly react the feedback between the users and designers, for manufacturing fitness tracker,medical enclosure ,drug delivery devices,health monitors and other medical equipment we're not only fabricating the products but also saving life there’s no room to make a digital mistakes ,we're proud our team on our quick response timing,on-time delivery,well-controlled quality and strict material verification during every stage of prototypes manufacturing from CNC program making,machining or surface treatment, it's worth to do it on personality. We get good feedback from our partners.


To meet the requirement for the innovation in medical industry, at Boen, we offer CNC Milling and CNC Turning service , CNC Lathe Service ,3D Printing Service ,Vacuum casting Service (Duplicated casting Service) and Plastic Injection Molding Service for Low Volume Production and rapid prototyping services.