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Medical Device Industry Prototyping

More and more large brand companies turn to work with BOEN to assist design and development in medical devices,we supply powerfully the healthcare devices, a range of medical equipment and monitors and prosthetics by offering custom rapid prototyping no minimum order from one single prototype and low volume production services to meet the special needs in the medical industry.


We know every day counts when developing new products to quickly react the feedback between the users and designers, for manufacturing fitness tracker,medical enclosure ,drug delivery devices,health monitors and other medical equipment we're not only fabricating the products but also saving life there’s no room to make a digital mistakes ,we're proud our team on our quick response timing,on-time delivery,well-controlled quality and strict material verification during every stage of prototypes manufacturing from CNC program making,machining or surface treatment, it's worth to do it on personality. We get good feedback from our partners.


To meet the requirement for the innovation in medical industry, at Boen, we offer CNC Milling and CNC Turning service , CNC Lathe Service ,3D Printing Service ,Vacuum casting Service (Duplicated casting Service) and Plastic Injection Molding Service for Low Volume Production and rapid prototyping services.

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we're working with brand companies help creating the unique prototypes in many industries including transportation industries,automotive&robotics, 
aerospace&defense, consumer&electronics,agriculture drone, medical device equipment components by our excellent prototyping service,CNC machining ,
vacuum casting,sheet metal fabrication ,3D printing and the surface treatment solution.

Medical device components manufacturing solutions

 CNC Machining

Our high quality CNC machining services for rapid prototyping and manufacturing parts.We have relative advanced CNC machines 3-axis ,4-axis and 5-axis CNC machines in house.With this advanced facilities and our skilled engineers allowing us using CNC milling and high-speed CNC turning solutions to make your custom CNC milling medical parts and CNC turned medical components. Even for the medical parts with complex features,we’re no problem to manufacture the CNC machined parts for your automotive medical devices.

Send us your inquiry we will give you the professional analyze for your custom CNC machined and turned medical enclosure parts to help you on the innovation in medical industry.
 Sheet Metal Fabrication
Our in-house sheet metal manufacturing prototyping service allows us to make the aluminium medical parts ,brass medical components, steel medical device components, combined our other solution laser cutting service, we’re no problem to fabricate the metal bracket aluminium box steel plate for your medical parts . The sheet metal fabrication prototyping service in Boen with a professional team to help can help you to develop your sheet metal medical housing parts within your expectation time and with the desired quality.We use the sheet metal solution to bend the metal parts in stainless steel,copper,brass ,aluminium plate to shape the parts for medical device innovation.
 Vacuum casting
Boen provide the high efficient vacuum casting prototyping service since 2007. With our good vacuum casting solution in variety of plastic material , we as a prototype manufacturer owned a large scale of vacuum casting department to cast the plastic parts for your medical parts.The medical mock-ups of medical devices, the medicine delivery device prototypes and other custom medical components ,all we can produce using our vacuum casting solution. Thanks to the colleague in plastic vacuum casting department delicate to make their effort to control each step of vacuum casting solution from the master, silicon mold and urthane material. Carefully consider the shrink into design the master and silicone mould so that make sure you get the desired vacuum casting parts.Vacuum casting prototyping is a perfect method for low volume medical device parts production.
The SLA (stereolithography) 3D printing process is a quick turnaround solution. The 3D printing technology SLS & SLA solution help much for many industries to accelerate the new product development in a short time. Same to the medical industry. By using the 3D printing  SLA & SLS service to print the medical parts like medical device enclosure and medical housing or components.The SLA 3D printing technology allow you to bring your ideal into life in short time.Our 3D printing service allow us provide the SLA  and SLS parts in 2-3 days for your medical prototypes. Combined our the variety of surface finishing you can get the medical parts both function prototypes and appearance prototypes.

The Medical Prototypes we produced





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