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Gear Parts Made with CNC Machining and TiN Coating

Gear Parts Made with CNC Machining and TiN Coating

Our customer would like to start the project with steel gear parts in tight tolerance and heat treatment and having TiN coating. In order to make TiN coating stick to the parts better, high polish was applied to them. The most difficult section is tight tolerance controlling.


There were 3 surface treatments for the gear parts, including heat treatment, high polish and TiN coating.


The parts would deform after heat treatment. We firstly made them out by CNC machining and then had them hardened by heat treatment. After heat treatment, the parts were wire cut to create grooves.

Next, we refined them gradually and carefully to reach the tight tolerance. The parts were pretty hard after heat treatment and it took long time to refine.


We had the parts high polished to get smooth and glossy surface to prepare for TiN coating. The challenge we met was to polish the groove areas. The grooves were deep and narrow and they couldn’t be polished by machine. Finally we had to polish the areas by hand. The parts were really hard to polish by hand and we needed to pay attention to tolerance because high polish also gave impact on precision.

With great effort, we succeeded to polish the groove areas of parts with perfect surface. The parts were given TiN coating to protect surface. The TiN coating was as good as we expect, smooth and glossy. The tolerance was within customer’s standard.


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