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Advantages Of Vacuum Casting

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Vacuum casting is a process that uses vented molds. The molten metal flows into the mold by air pressure, and then the air is purged to form a vacuum. This method of producing vacuum casting products is mainly used for small parts or jewelry with delicate details.

Vacuum modeling is a physical modeling method. It combines vacuum technology with sand mold casting. The cavity surface and back of the sand mold are sealed by a plastic film, and negative pressure is generated by vacuum pumping to cause the inside and outside of the sand mold. The pressure difference causes the mold sand to be tightly formed. After the core is placed, the mold is closed, and the casting is waited for the casting to solidify, the negative pressure is released or the air extraction is stopped, and the mold sand collapses to obtain the casting. According to the current application field, it can be divided into vacuum sealing model (V method) and solid vacuum casting (FV method). Its advantages are:

(1) Moderate vacuum, high mold cavity compaction, and high casting quality.

(2) Vacuum casting cooperates with computer-based mold flow analysis and simulation to predict the occurrence of casting defects. For the design of mold making schemes, it can greatly save time and improve production efficiency.

Vacuum Casting





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