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Vacuum Casting Services

Vacuum casting is cost-saving technology to form plastic parts in short time, and it is a ideal way to fabricate parts with small volume.


Boen has over 10 years experience in providing vacuum casting service for customers from mainly Europe, America and Japan, wining good reputation and trust from them.


With professional engineers, we are able to offer vacuum castings parts in top quality, competitive price and help to solve the problem occurring in Production.


Vacuum casting is a great way to make excellent prototype and manufacture low quantity parts.

What is Vacuum casting ?

Vacuum casting is a forming technology for part making, which is suitable for plastic parts in low quantity.


The advantages of it are less lead time, lower cost, more plastic materials available.The process needs a master produced by CNC machining or 3D priting.When the master is ready, put it into the liquid of silicone and take the it out after the silicone liquid cool with cavity.A silicone mold is gotten after these steps.


Finally, put the melt plastic liquid into the cavity of silicone mold to form the parts and take the parts out after cooling and curdling.

The parts made by vacuum casting will have high quality, precise tolerance and perfect appearance.

Benefits of Vacuum casting

Compared to CNC machining, injection molding, vacuum casting has below evident advantages:

 Short lead time

Low cost for small batch production

​​​​​​​ Identical with master part

​​​​​​​ Excellent appearance

​​​​​​​ Easily operation

​​​​​​​ High repeatability

Materials for Vacuum Casting

Different from CNC machining, the materials that vacuum casting will use is in grain not block, which can be melt easily.

Below are the most common materials option applied to vacuum casting for your reference.

Please check the data sheet of materials according to your need to choose suitable materials below or contact us for more detail information and advice.

Materials used for vacuum casting Property Equivalence
PX100 Ivory white and black, general flexibility, resisting 70℃  ABS
PX210 Transparent, high hardness and flexibility PC
PX118 White, easily being dyed and having painting on ABS
PX521 Transparent and hard, resisting 110℃ PMMA, PC
UP4280 White, excellent hardness and flexibility, resisting 90℃ ABS
UP5690 Transparent, white, high and flexible hardness PP,PE,HDPE
8260 White, general flexibility, fire resistant ABS
8400 Milk white, black, colors customized, painting available Rubber
UP8150 Beige, good flexibility, resisting 100℃ ABS
2180 Black, white, beige, high hardness, resist 115℃ PA

The Process of Vacuum Casting

Specification of Vacuum Casting

The accuracy of vacuum casting is usually within ±0.3mm for dimension smaller than 100mm.

The wall thickness of part can’t be too thin or too thick. The part will deform with too thin wall thickness and will shrink with too thick one. The thickness will be at least 1.5mm. But sometime 0.1mm-0.2mm shrinkage can’t be prevented.


Maximum part dimension: 1900*900*750mm


Maximum volume: 10L


Color: pigment can be put into the liquid to get custom color.

Why Choose Us

As your partner,we assist your design and end-to-end solution for your manufacturing needs, manage your projects from the start to the finishing and monitor every-step from all aspects of process. It’s not just about building your part or product ; It’s about taking care of you at every step. We recognize each custom project has specific and often complicated requirements. By offering our as many service as possible under one roof ,we can help you keep costs down,minimize waiting times and eliminate any hassle.


The most important is that we can ensure your specifications are met from prototype and production. Thanks to our advanced equipment and skilled partners we can fully handle all technical aspects of creating your prototypes and products,so your team can focus on bringing your products to the market.


Our full-scale, ISO 9001:2015-certlaified highlights our ability to consistently quality custom machining services to every single project.In the meantime,we have built the close connection with some RP companies and groups domestic and overseas as well as model companies and conduct academic communications and share high technology achievements in order to keep the technical superiorities all the time.


Our facility and fully-equipped machines allow us to produce custom parts and pieces for all industries.We're able to OEM supply CNC machined parts from more than several dozens of engineering-grade plastics and metals. Contact our CNC Machining Services team to get a free quote and to discuss which machining process is the most efficient and suitable one for your project.





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