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RIM Service

At Boen,we also provide the RIM(Reaction Injection Molding) service for the plastics,RIM molding technique one new manufacturing technology of rapid prototype to fabricate high-quality polyurethane thermoplastic parts which is much used for medical device application and automobile application. By using RIM technique we help our partners to supply the custom car doors,car mirrors,car bumpers. We can handle with all aspects of one new prototype development so your team focus on bringing your product to the market.When combined with our other machining service advanced 5-Axis Machining,Vacuum casting and rapid prototyping, you can get your great parts with your expectation.


What is The RIM Service

RIM(Reaction Injection Molding) is a processing technique to form plastic liquid an isocyante and a polyol liquid by direct polymerization into the mold tank through a constantly mixing activated reaction.Then in the mold the polymerization phased occur separation so that the part solidified it’s finished the injection. 


During this step the temperature should be correctly controlled to be approximately 100 F degrees.Since the low-viscous material related to reaction injection molding exerts very little stress on the tool,RIM molding tool can make large and complex 3D parts at a fraction of the tooling investment to a comparable injection molding tool.Through the RIM design process raw materials and molding techniques can be selected and customized to deliver the desired weight,density and harness characteristics on your demand.

How does RIM work

RIM is to put two interactive raw material such as PU and rein mixture into the temperature controlled feeding tank with stirrer,after precisely measuring,entering them into the mixing head under the high pressure.When the injection starts,the valve of the mixing head opens,in the meantime ,the mixture enters into the mixing chamber under pressure and collide together drastically,then flows into the mold under atmospheric pressure.Finally they solidified in the mold through exother-mic chemical reaction.


The result is polyurethane parts with much more lighter weight,and more intricate design than those created by ordinary injection molding.It should to consider the slight shirk occurred during the molding process when design the mold.

Advantages of RIM

1.Lightweight - RIM always use lightweight cost-efficient thermoset polymers.

2.Low cost investment to tool - The RIM process allows for tooling to be manufactured quicker at lower cost than a traditional injection molding.

3.Nice surface - The part with nice surface allows to be immediately ready for use if there are non-cosmetic requested.

4.Large parts - the process is suitable for large parts.

5.Flexibility - The RIM process allow the flexibility to make design for the part with significant all thickness variations on the mold.

Selecting the reaction injection molding process can often reduce your manufacturing cost. And the flexibility of the RIM molding material also allow you to devise a product possessing both an impact resistant and elegantly designed exterior. The reaction injection molding empowers you to flawlessly combine the desired geometries and free-flowing curves with structure  and functional characteristics.


Why Choose Boen for RIM

At Boen ,we are a full service quality-oriented ISO9001:2015 certified manufacturing manufacturer serving thousands of customers with wide range of applications from precision sheet metal to heavy plate.


Thanks to our talented sheet metal engineers and skilled craftsmen works together to provide high quality custom metal products.We make it easy as possible for you by offering a one-stop source for custom,fully finished precision sheet metal parts choosing variety of materials,hardware,fasteners,and powder coat colors to fully finishing your custom sheet metal parts. Combined with our full surface finishing services of laser engraving,silkscreen and direct digital printing to provide complete sheet metal components all under one roof.


Start your project with us by call or e-mail us at any time and we will help with ordering parts,material recommendations, design feedback and provide professional reply to any your questions.






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