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Aluminium Extrusion Services

Aluminium extrusion technology is widely used in aerospace, automobile, transportation, consumer electric products and architecture.In order to meet various need of customers, top quality and low price aluminium extrusion parts can be provided by Boen Prototype.Light weight and complex parts can be made through aluminium extrusion in short time and at low cost.

What is Aluminium Extrusion ?

Aluminium extrusion is a forming technology that the soft aluminium part after heating forms the requested shape under force extrusion of forming tool or mold.With good flexibility, aluminium is easily to deform and being formed in mold. The extruded aluminium pasts have same wall thickness and high precision. 


Different surface finishing such as anodizing, high polish, sand blasting and so on can be applied to the aluminium extruded parts.

Benefits of Aluminium Extrusion

As an important aluminium forming technology, aluminium extrusion possess below advantages.

 Low cost for material and high production efficiency

 Simple machining process

 Flexible and more easily forming complex parts

 Low expense for tool and mold

 Identical thickness

 Precise tolerance

Finishings for Aluminium Extrusion

With one-stop service, there are various surface finishing for extruded aluminium parts.
We are able to put your custom surface treatment on the parts to make the parts perfect or even exceed your anticipation.
Surface finishing like deburring, anodizing, sand blasting, painting, silk printing, laser etching and etc., can be provided by Boen.

Why Choose Us

As your partner,we assist your design and end-to-end solution for your manufacturing needs, manage your projects from the start to the finishing and monitor every-step from all aspects of process. It’s not just about building your part or product ; It’s about taking care of you at every step. We recognize each custom project has specific and often complicated requirements. By offering our as many service as possible under one roof ,we can help you keep costs down,minimize waiting times and eliminate any hassle.


The most important is that we can ensure your specifications are met from prototype and production. Thanks to our advanced equipment and skilled partners we can fully handle all technical aspects of creating your prototypes and products,so your team can focus on bringing your products to the market.


Our full-scale, ISO 9001:2015-certlaified highlights our ability to consistently quality custom machining services to every single project.In the meantime,we have built the close connection with some RP companies and groups domestic and overseas as well as model companies and conduct academic communications and share high technology achievements in order to keep the technical superiorities all the time.


Our facility and fully-equipped machines allow us to produce custom parts and pieces for all industries.We're able to OEM supply CNC machined parts from more than several dozens of engineering-grade plastics and metals. Contact our CNC Machining Services team to get a free quote and to discuss which machining process is the most efficient and suitable one for your project.

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