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CNC Precision Turning Services

CNC Turning is a manufacturing process in which bars with the material are held in a chuck and rotated while a tool is fed to the piece to remove material to create the desired shape under the computer-controlled. CNC turning is best suited for parts with diameters.With secondary CNC milling operations,the final part can have a variety of shapes or features.The Lathe process is feasible for complex external geometries and internal bores to be shaped with high precision for both plastics and metals.

What is CNC Turnining?

CNC turning CNC lathe is a subtractive machining process where a cutting tool is placed against a spinning piece to take material off.This is usually done with a CNC lathe or turning center which cuts the material including wood, metal and plastic.This article will cover the difference types of CNC lathes,their components,and which type you could use for your next project. All of these features make our innovative CNC turning machinery well-suited for the manufacturing of highly complex,precision parts.

Benefits of CNC Turning Services

CNC turning is best suited for parts with diameters.With secondary CNC Milling operations,the final part can have a variety of shapes or features. Parts with any diameter are potentially suitable for CNC turning,and CNC turning is extremely efficient for small to large-sized,high volume contract manufacturing.All features such as a bar feeder,part catcher,and chip conveyor all maximized run time.

 Quick turnaround

High accurate and can be repeated in exactly the same manner over and over again

​​​​​​​ Quick remove large amount of spare materials

​​​​​​​ Wide range of materials,variety of plastics and metals

​​​​​​​ Small and micro parts

​​​​​​​ Low investment in tooling making and preparation

CNC Lathe types

CNC Turning Tolerances

Standard Tolerance for CNC Machining

The below table summarizes the standard tolerance of the parts produced by certified BOEN manufacturing partners

Part Size / Dimension Tolerance Angularity
<3.94”(100mm) +/- 0.010mm +/- 0.1°
<12”(300mm) +/- 0.125mm +/- 0.5°
<24”(600mm) +/- 0.250mm +/- 1.0°
<36”(900mm) +/- 0.400mm +/- 1.0°
Large parts are reviewed on request,submit an order to begin.
Size Limitations for CNC Machining in BOEN
Maximal part size 2000*1200*800mm
Minimal part size 0.5mm
Minimal diameter 0.3mm

CNC Turning Materials & Finishings

If you’re considering to manufacture your parts with CNC turning,CNC Milling,CNC machining, it’s very important to know what kinds of materials and surface finishing you will choose for your CNC turned parts no matter plastics or metals.

We’ve worked with wide range of materials and can apply all types of treatment to your CNC prototypes. Thanks to dedicated engineers and surface finishing colleagues. Are you sourcing custom CNC parts with high appearance or good protection? Boen is here for you.
CNC Materials

Plastics : ABS, PP, PMMA(Acrylic), PC, POM(Delrin), PBT, Nylon(PA), PU, RESIN,PEEK,PE,PTFE(Teflon),G-10(FR-4), PVC,EVA,EPS, Ultum 1000( AMBER PEI )

Metals: Stainless Steel, Steel, Aluminium, Brass, Copper, Iron,Magnesium,Tool steel,Alloy Steel

What’s More: We’re capable to create custom material like PA GF30 PPS30. It’s no problem for us to do further discovery for more materials. To get started with our team.
Surface Finishes

As Machined: The common and most economical way for inner function parts. Fine and even tool path is also good for aspect parts.


Powder Coating: It’s where powder paint to be sprayed onto a part and to be baked on the oven. This will create strong ,corrosion-resistant layer that is much durable      than standard painting process. A wide variety of colors are available to create the desired aesthetic.


Anodized: Parts can be anodized in different colors-clear,black,red,blue are most common; Hard anodize is thicker and creates a wear-resistant layer.


Bead blasted: With this finish the part would be matte appearance.Range of 120-320 beads is flexible to create different roughness to the surface.


Chrome Plating: It’s of electroplating a thin layer of chromium onto a metal object.The chromed layer can be decorative with corrosion resistance,ease cleaning                procedures,and increase surface hardness.


Painting: The parts no matter plastic or metal ,to be sprayed painting onto the surface to achieve the desired aesthetic. A wide variety of colors are available.

Why Choose Us

As your partner,we assist your design and end-to-end solution for your manufacturing needs, manage your projects from the start to the finishing and monitor every-step from all aspects of process. It’s not just about building your part or product ; It’s about taking care of you at every step. We recognize each custom project has specific and often complicated requirements. By offering our as many service as possible under one roof ,we can help you keep costs down,minimize waiting times and eliminate any hassle.


The most important is that we can ensure your specifications are met from prototype and production. Thanks to our advanced equipment and skilled partners we can fully handle all technical aspects of creating your prototypes and products,so your team can focus on bringing your products to the market.


Our full-scale, ISO 9001:2015-certlaified highlights our ability to consistently quality custom machining services to every single project.In the meantime,we have built the close connection with some RP companies and groups domestic and overseas as well as model companies and conduct academic communications and share high technology achievements in order to keep the technical superiorities all the time.


Our facility and fully-equipped machines allow us to produce custom parts and pieces for all industries like automobile, aerospace&UAV, Robotics, Medical devices, Consumer Electronics, Technologies, Transportation, Telecommunication and Industrial.We're able to OEM supply CNC turned parts from more than several dozens of engineering-grade plastics and metals. Contact our CNC Turning Services team to get a free quote and to discuss which machining process is the most efficient and suitable one for your project.





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