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ABS CNC Machining for Auto Car Doors

It's the high quality auto car doors made by CNC machining by our high precision advanced CNC machine.

CNC Machining ABS for Auto car Doors

Product Name: CNC Machining ABS for Auto car Doors

Item No.: BH021


It's the high quality auto car doors made by CNC machining by our high precision advanced CNC machine.

Rapid Prototyping Solutions for Transportation:

BOHAO Prototype Manufacturing is focusing on the best solutions in supporting new designs and products refresh to meet the Transportation industry repaidly evolving by providing a range of services that allow rapid product introduction, quick response timing to follow market conditions and a powerful supply chain offering many types of material for every application.

With the rich experience helping innovative companies OEM manfacture both metal and platic parts for automotive market to accelerate new product development and to make it to the market faster with saving cost & time,we've supplied the car bumper ,car lamps ,car doors ,central controller, car fender and steering wheel for variety of vehicles. OEM produce the parts based on your 3D files.

CNC Milling Services:

At BOHAO Prototype,CNC Milling Process is one of our main processes , we custom produce prototypes and end-use production parts by using latest imported advanced equipment to meet the high-precision and good quality requirements. We offer one-stop services of 3,4 and 5-axis CNC machining parts and turning parts for a variety industries on plastic parts and metal parts based on your design,you could also get much more competitive pricing with good qualities in addition to the material certification,the first article inspection report and additional multiple surface treatment such as anodizing,chemical passivation and chrome plating.We're able to OEM supply CNC machined parts from more than several dozens of engineering-grade plastics and metals.






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