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How To Choose Between CNC Machining And 3D Printing?

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When manufacturing products to support product development, 3D printing and CNC machining are two different prototyping processes. In specific applications, especially when the design and product specifications have not yet been finalized, how to do it in these two processes? Choice? Today, the editor brings you a few cases, we can understand the respective characteristics of the two processes.

3d priting

The difference between CNC machining and 3D printing

1. Material

The 3D printing process as a whole can handle a wide range of material categories. CNC can process a variety of materials, and each type of material contains many options. The limiting factor is only whether the material can be processed.

2. Material properties

After CNC processing, the mechanical properties of the obtained prototype are almost the same as the raw materials. After 3D printing, the performance of the prototype is similar to that of the raw material. It is also important to consider that, because of the layered nature of the process, 3D printed parts are usually anisotropic.

3. CNC process tolerance is smaller.

If you only consider accuracy and strength, CNC is undoubtedly the best choice. However, considering the comprehensive factors such as cost, manpower, delivery time, and appearance, 3D printing technology has obvious advantages.


Advantages of 3d printing

1. There is no need to use molds, and complex geometric shapes can be manufactured without affecting time or cost. It allows users to quickly deliver small batches of parts, and to adapt to design changes flexibly and swiftly.

2. Support parallel parts processing flow, save time. Users can produce multiple parts in a single project, multiple versions of a single part, or multiple parts for different projects.

3. There is no need to use multiple settings to manufacture parts, without operator supervision or intervention. After starting the operation, the equipment will continue to run until the parts are manufactured.

If you choose 3d printing services, factors to consider include:

• Part size and order quantity: mass production of small parts is more economical

• Part size and design complexity: small and medium volume parts with medium to high complexity are ideal

• Part surface area and frame volume: the larger the surface area per cubic inch, the more features

After reading so much, it seems that 3D printing has more advantages than CNC. However, there will be more chances of choosing CNC in the process of industrial prototype processing, because industrial-grade 3D printing materials are very limited, but 3D printing can reduce the risk of direct mold opening. In addition, 3D printing is fast and low in cost. It is also the advantage of 3D printing. If an impatient person like Xiao Bian chooses, then I will definitely choose 3D printing services, which is more cost-effective and faster.





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