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How to determine your precision CNC machining parts

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There are many steps for precision CNC machining parts, from start-up plans to product delivery. This article will share with you the production process of precision CNC machining parts today.

Some customers do not understand precision CNC machining. They were confused when they were seeking 5 axis CNC machining services. Then please read this article down.

First of all, this is a process from scratch. A 2D drawing and a 3D document, which are the start-up documents of the project. Only with these drawings can we know what kind of part it is and how to add it

Work him. Of course, 2D drawings do more than provide dimensions and tolerances. You can indicate the colors, materials, and details you require here. CNC machining centers need 3D drawings to enter G code to be shipped

The line cutter cuts the part. We can also estimate the weight and material consumption of parts from the 3D design drawings. All the details and requirements of the product are listed in these design drawings. It is guarantees the quality and precision of the later products


You'd better be able to determine the material you want to choose from the beginning. It is about cost and processing technology. If you are not sure about the choice of materials, we can provide you with suggestions based on your needs. Final choice the right is still in the hands of the customer.

The production of a CNC machining center price does not stop there. We will update more content in the following article.We are CNC machining center manufacturers Feel free to contact us for a quote.





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