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Processing Characteristics Of CNC Rapid Prototyping

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The cnc rapid prototyping technology breaks through the traditional part processing mode of "blank→cutting→finished product", creating a precedent for making parts without using tools, and is an unprecedented thin-layer superimposed processing method. Compared with traditional cutting methods, rapid prototyping manufacturing has the following advantages:

1. Free-form surfaces and more complex parts can be quickly manufactured, such as grooves, shoulders and hollow parts in the parts, which greatly reduces the development cost and development cycle of new products.

2. It belongs to non-contact processing, does not need tools and fixtures necessary for machine cutting processing, and has no tool wear and cutting force influence.

3. No vibration, noise and cutting waste.

4. Fully automated production at night can be realized.

5. The processing efficiency is high, and the product solid model and mold can be produced quickly.

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