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Some topics about 3D printing (3)

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But the strength of 3D printing is not only determined by the material. The settings of the printing program and the model slice settings will also affect the strength of 3D printing. 3d printing service providers need to find a balance between model strength and material loss. All manufacturers hope to use as few materials as possible to print products with a particular strength. It can reduce costs while ensuring quality. Therefore, how to find this balance is something that every manufacturer must study.

If the model is 100% solid, then the model will be robust. However, the number of consumables will be huge, and the weight will be non-load-bearing. Therefore, manufacturers generally use a dense appearance while the model is hollow or has a certain degree of internal filling. Or use a stable triangular structure or a honeycomb-type stable structure inside to enhance the strength and stability of the product.

An excellent 3d printing service provider needs to fully understand the properties of various materials and a certain degree of research on mechanics and structure. Only in this way can the best 3d printing service be provided.





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